Cash Doctors is now called Nimble.

Cash Doctors is now called Nimble.

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Need a short term loan?

What are short term loans?

A couple of weeks, months or a couple of years?

It's hard to pin down the definitive short term loan as lenders offer extremely different repayment periods, varying from a week to a couple of years. The loan amount also ranges widely from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand and in real estate or for business purposes short term loans are approved for considerably higher amounts.

The kind of short term loan you need will dictate where you go to get it.

Short Term Payday Advances

Arguably the quickest and easiest option if you need a short term loan is the payday advance.

Thousands of Australians use Cash Doctors for payday based short term loans and it's easy to understand why. With a 5 minute online application form and bank transfers within 60 minutes it's the fastest short term loan service around.

Why A Cash Advance Is A Smarter Option...

Loan amounts are tailored to suit your personal needs, so you're not forced to borrow more than you need. This is in sharp contrast to short term bank loans where the minimum loan amount often starts at $5000 and repayments run for a couple of years. A payday advance is a short term solution running for a maximum of 45 days, making it a "quick in - quick out" solution to your financial needs.

There's no paperwork to fill out as the entire process is online, so stop looking for your old payslips because you don't need them. Emails and text messages keep you updated throughout the loan process; from application to repayment. This is part of Cash Doctors devotion to provide a completely transparent product that you can feel comfortable with.

The interest rate is higher than on short term bank loans and credit cards but you have to consider that there's no setup fee, monthly administration fees or early repayments fees. Getting a cash advance is like getting a taxi - it costs more, but it's fast, convenient and just for short term, occasional use.

Because the amount of the cash advance is relatively small, there are distinct advantages over many other short term loan options in that there is no need to provide security, very little detail is required in the application, and those whose credit history is less than perfect are not excluded.

You can get payday based short term loans here at Cash Doctors. It might be the best short term loan for you.

Short term personal loan

A short term loan may be approved for any reasonable purpose such as a car, holiday, furniture, debt consolidation or repairs to the house. Conditions for repayment of a short term loan may range from 1 to 3 years and a short term loan such as this may be secured or unsecured. The minimum short term loan amount for a personal loan from the major providers usually starts at around $5000.

Short term bank overdraft

Depending upon your relationship with your lender, it may be possible to obtain a short term loan overdraft facility to meet any ad hoc funding demands. If you are in a solid financial position with a good credit record, you can be given approval to overdraw your account within a certain limit and an agreed repayment arrangement. This is, in essence, a form of short term loan.

Bridging finance

This type of short term loan. can be used to cover a temporary funding shortfall pending a property settlement or for business purposes until longer term loan arrangements are put in place. A short term loan such as bridging finance is generally secured by residential real estate or assets of the business with a repayment term of 1 to 6 months. A bridging finance short term loan is commonly used to cover the time gap between drawing the loan for the purchase of a new property and the receipt of the proceeds from the sale of an existing house.


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