Cash Doctors is now called Nimble.

Cash Doctors is now called Nimble.

We've kept the same great management team, service & caring staff. We've just changed the name, logo & website design.

That's it! Everything is still super simple and ridiculously quick. If you're a Cash Doctors member everything works as normal including your username and password.

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Looking for a small personal loan?

Online personal loans

Access to cash within an hour, a short online application form and a loan amount tailored exactly to what you can afford - these should really be the basics of a new school personal loan. Am I right?

There's no question, the banks are behind in small loans. When other businesses use the term "personal" in relation to a product, we expect them to cater for our individual needs. But long application forms that take an evening to fill out and processing times of 2 days doesn't really make the cut for a personal service - it just seems outdated and slow.

More people these days prefer a cash advance as a more personalized financial product than the traditional unsecured personal loan. You get exactly what you need and not an extra slab of money on top which is just too easy and tempting to use.

Credit card companies tempt you with low interest rates, honeymoon transfer balance and big credit limits.

Most people don't trust themselves with a credit card either - that's understandable. It's the same scenario, you have access to more credit than you need and every time you walk past a shop window your self-discipline is being tested. It's tested again at repayment time, when it's too easy to just pay the minimum repayment and not more.

A credit card is supposed to be a backup overdraft that you should use for purchases of varying size, then fully repay - nursing a balance for a few months at a time. No more. The problem is that nearly no one actually does this. Before you know it you'll be paying off on a $5000 debt for years - paying thousands in interest on your original purchases.

A cash advance is a 'quick in - quick out' solution with a transparent flat rate system which makes it easy to control. There's no long term interest drip factor to be wary of and repayments are made in 1 to 3 instalments running for a maximum of 50 days. It's not a long term thing; repay it and get on with your life.

Traditional personal loan rates are significantly lower than cash advance rates, but with a personal loan you have to take establishment fees, monthly administration fees and early repayments fees into account, these fees don't apply with a cash advance. Getting a cash advance is like getting a taxi - it costs more, but it's fast, convenient and just for short term, occasional use.

If you're after long term borrowing or larger amounts then traditional personal loans are great - ie. a holiday away, a new laptop, a car etc. but if you're after a $100 - $600 fast personal loan, you should consider a cash advance from Cash Doctors. It might be the best personal loan for you.

It's easy. Get cash and get on with your life.

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"The first loan only took like an hour or something to get it all done. I was just shocked. WOW!"
Testimonial - K.H, NSW
Rebecca, VIC
"Generally I'm just in a hurry, so it's bang, bang, bang. DONE."
Testimonial - K.H, NSW
Jasmin, QLD
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