Cash Doctors is now called Nimble.

Cash Doctors is now called Nimble.

We've kept the same great management team, service & caring staff. We've just changed the name, logo & website design.

That's it! Everything is still super simple and ridiculously quick. If you're a Cash Doctors member everything works as normal including your username and password.

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Bond Loans in 60 minutes

Have you found the perfect home and need a little extra cash to pay the bond?

Trying to cover a rental bond is a tough ask for anyone. Most of us don't have spare 4 weeks of rental payments to pay up front. Especially when you include the first week of rent you'll have to pay soon after.

What makes it worse is that the best places always go fast. You've got to act quickly or you miss out.

With Cash Doctors you don't have to miss out on that perfect home. We can help you cover your bond shortfall with our easy 60 minute cash loans.

Here's how our fast loans can help you:

  • Get up to $600.
  • Available in just 60 minutes.
  • Transferred straight into your bank account.
  • Repay only what you borrow plus 1 cent.
  • Easy 5-minute online application - even from a mobile phone.
  • Friendly Australian customer service.

With Cash Doctors you get a decision in minutes and you can apply anytime of the day, even on weekends.

Your first loan only costs 1 cent more than you borrow. It gives you a chance to try us out at practically no cost.

Our award winning service team is ready to assist you if you have any questions.

With our help you don't have to drive past that house you wanted and see someone else in it. You'll be the one enjoying it!

Try us out today.

It's easy. Get cash and get on with your life.

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costs just one cent

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"The first loan only took like an hour or something to get it all done. I was just shocked. WOW!"
Testimonial - K.H, NSW
Rebecca, VIC
"Generally I'm just in a hurry, so it's bang, bang, bang. DONE."
Testimonial - K.H, NSW
Jasmin, QLD
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