Cash Doctors is now called Nimble.

Cash Doctors is now called Nimble.

We've kept the same great management team, service & caring staff. We've just changed the name, logo & website design.

That's it! Everything is still super simple and ridiculously quick. If you're a Cash Doctors member everything works as normal including your username and password.

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Need a bad credit loan?

Don't worry. Get up to $600 in your hands within 60 minutes.

We understand you need cash fast.

We're dedicated to getting you up to $600 within 60 minutes.

We realise you don't like paperwork.

Our application is all online and only takes 5 minutes.

We know you're concerned about costs.

Our fees are clear so there are no surprises.

Your first cash advance costs you just 1 cent. Try us today.

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We can help you with a bad credit personal loan

If you have a low credit score it's practically impossible to get a loan from a decent loan provider. But is that really fair? Most people don't realize the seriousness of having a black mark on their credit history until it's too late and it takes years to recover. Cash Doctors has an easy approach to your bad credit history; we do check your credit rating but we don't penalize you for light offenses such as an unpaid phone or electricity bills that just wouldn't be fair.

But do yourself a favour. Borrow only as much as you can afford to repay. This is your chance to rebuild your bad credit score.

Cash Doctors is a trusted institution with decent procedures and fair business practices. Everything's out in the open. We'll always tell you upfront exactly what the costs are. There are no catches or hidden fees unlike some bad credit loan deals out there.

Can Bad Credit Loans be Cheap?

You'll probably be surprised to read this, but Cash Doctors offer loans for only 1 cent. You won't find a better deal anywhere in Australia - you only repay what you borrow plus 1 cent.

We know that sounds too cheap - so what's the catch?

Well, we do this to introduce our product to you. We're very excited about it and we hope you'll think it's great as well. Along the way you can see exactly how it works and how much it usually costs.

You can try a Cash Doctors loan now and if you never need us again, no problem. There's no long term obligation. Just repay what you borrowed plus the 1 cent.

Don't Worry About Your Bad Credit History... Get Your Cash Loan Now!

Cash Doctors can help you. Apply online in a couple of minutes, there's no paperwork involved - so no faxing old pay slips or other documentation. We use all the information available to us from your submitted online application to calculate a loan amount that you can afford to repay.

Once your application is approved, you'll get your cash transferred straight into your preferred bank account in only 60 minutes. Most people have funds available within minutes of the transfer - but it may take up to 2 hours, depending who you bank with. We'll even throw a free Cash Doctors card and access to Cash Doctors Mobile.

Cash Doctors Mobile lets you apply anywhere in Australia from your mobile phone and with your Cash Doctors card in your pocket we can transfer the money to you within a couple of seconds of approval. That gives you the ultimate freedom. The card can be used in any bank, ATM or EFT.

It's easy. Get cash and get on with your life.

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Your first cash advance
costs just one cent

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"The first loan only took like an hour or something to get it all done. I was just shocked. WOW!"
Testimonial - K.H, NSW
Rebecca, VIC
"Generally I'm just in a hurry, so it's bang, bang, bang. DONE."
Testimonial - K.H, NSW
Jasmin, QLD
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